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Freelance on Business Forms

Freelance on Business Forms

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    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses are getting loss because of different reasons such as

    - Tremendous reduction of purchasing power of their customers and clients

    - Lack of law materials

    - Increase of supply and logistic costs

    - Political influence to regulate COVID-19

    - Lack or high Transportation cost

    - Lack of employment,

    - More reasons

    However, again some businesses owner or NGO have changed their methods of running and managing their human and capital resources to continuing gain profit as before. In this end, the use of online methods of working has been valued much in this context, where e-commerce and freelance jobs were chosen as the best method to run a business in this COVID-19 pandemic period. 

    It is in this regards that Umuguzi Muhire Ltd and NPS ltd have taken an advantage of this issue to train people on how to make money through freelancing while they are at home. This industry is not much developed in Rwanda, however so many employees now are working at home and give reports online through emails or other channels of communication. 

    We need people who have different skills and who are specialists in different domain to register on the website and submit what they are able to perform well. We also want to work with private sector industry and public institutions to help us develop this industry so that we shall continue to work and let our businesses survive in this difficult period of COVID-19 Pandemic. 


    - Businesses will continue to operate,

    - Existing employees will continue to perform their jobs

    - New employees will be hired as freelancers for either short or long period of work

    - Speed of work,

    - The job will be done for a small salary and in a due time

    - I the time of lockdown the freelancers will continue to work while at home (If it happens - but not preferable)

    - Encouraging of people to improve their skills

    -Encouraging people to fit in the technological century and the long term goals of Rwandan government regarding the education industry.

    - More advantages are there.

    NB: Anyone who is capable and understand this methods of working can join us through this link: and make registration so that we can start work now.

    Phone/Whatsapp: +250788217950 whatsapp: +250788270457 email:


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