Electronic Company Business Plan

Gakinjiro-Gisozi-Gasabo-Kigali City KG 33 Av, Kigali City 250, Kigali City Rwanda

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  1. To drastically increase domestic and overseas sales by the end of the year 2020.
  2. To implement an aggressive advertising campaign to ensure product visibility.
  3. To license the intellectual property to a reputable company for mass production.


[YOUR COMPANY NAME] has developed and marketed an original revolutionary product and the inventor has the business know-how. The company makes a product accessible to millions of touchscreen technology users who would otherwise not have any other like the product to choose from. [YOUR COMPANY NAME] will make a profit and generates cash. [YOUR COMPANY NAME]  goal is to have the [YOUR COMPANY NAME] licensed to a large reputable retailer and mass-produced, offering a clean and smudge-proof experience alternative to the millions of touchscreen technology users.

Keys to Success

1. Marketing power. The [YOUR COMPANY NAME] needs to have the company's products on the shelves with attractive packaging and enough marketing power to maintain a 30% or more market share.

2. Product quality and customer satisfaction. Everything The [YOUR COMPANY NAME] will sell is guaranteed, so the product has to do what the company promises and well.

3. Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to The [YOUR COMPANY NAME] survival.

4. The right management team, with strong foundations in marketing, management, finance, and product development. Enough working capital to survive in the working-capital-intensive retail channel. 

Provides: electronic

Gakinjiro-Gisozi-Gasabo-Kigali City KG 33 Av Kigali City, Kigali City 250 Rwanda

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