All Electrical Wire & Cable

Gakinjiro-Gisozi-Gasabo-Kigali City KG 33 Ave, Kigali City 250, Kigali City Rwanda

Posted by Umuguzi Admin on 2020-06-20 14:15:44

Buy different electrical wire & cable with Umuguzi. Please find a list of products hereunder:

  1. Armored cables
  2. Electrical whips & whip kits
  3. Non-metallic jacket wire
  4. Primary wire
  5. Service entrance cables
  6. Sprinkler wire
  7. UF wire
  8. Bar wire
  9. Landscape lighting cables and connectors
  10. Power cord
  11. Pump Cables
  12. Speaker wire
  13. TFFN and THHN wire
  14. XHHW wire
  15. Doorbell wire
  16. Network and data cable
  17. Power cord (by-the-foot)
  18. Security cables
  19. Specialty wire & Cables
  20. Thermostat wire

Gakinjiro-Gisozi-Gasabo-Kigali City KG 33 Ave Kigali City, Kigali City 250 Rwanda

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